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Horace Mann Middle School > Grade 6 > Mr. Corey > Social Studies

New Stone Age (Neolithic)
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The seven modern day Middle East countries of the Fertile Crescent are Israel, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Think of this saying, "It Is Impossible To Juggle Live Snakes."
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Mesopotamia = Greek for land between two rivers (Tigris and Euphrates)
Why did farming start after the end of the most recent Ice Age?
climate stabilized - grew warmer and wetter; humans figured out that seeds made plants
Why did nomads begin to settle down?
1. found areas with sufficient animals and plants to eat
2. built sturdier dwellings (shelters)
3. mortar and pestles used to grind grain were too heavy to carry
4. as farming grew more successful, they didn't want to leave surplus crops in heavy bins behind because invaders would steal the crops
5 Ingredients of Civilization
Type of government -central planning
Reasonable social levels
Enough food (stable food supply)
Exceptionally developed culture
Specialized jobs

6 Examples of Culture ALARM
System of writing (not present in every advanced culture of the New Stone Age)

Catal Huyuk
The Four Gifts of Living Near a River
flooding covers farmland with nutrient rich plant food that is left behind after flood waters recede
water for irrigation
protein rich food source (fish & birds)
transportation route for trade and travel

Catal Huyuk
Homes connected
Obsidian for sharp tools
Mud houses
Eat wheat, juniper berries & deer
Catal Huyuk
Center of trade
Raised Cattle
Obsidian for sharp tools
Practiced religion/had shrines

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