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Study Guide - Mass, Volume, Density, Currents

Study Guide - Mass, Volume, Density, Ocean Current

Study from all handouts, composition book activities, and last quiz

1. Define: Mass, Volume, and Density

2. Understand difference between weight and mass. Which of these changes with the force of gravity?

3. Know all tools and methods to measure mass, volume and density of liquids, regular solids, and irregular solids. Be able to give proper units.

4. Be able to calculate the mass, volume, or density of a material if two of the measurements are given. Use appropriate formula (given on test) to solve a problem, showing work and appropriate units.

5. Know how layering of liquids and objects shows their relative densities.

6. Know the density of fresh water.

7. Know how the density of fresh water changes as it heats, cools, or freezes.

8. Be able to describe how a pond freezes and why pond animals can survive through the winter.

9. Know that every substance has a unique density. Are the densities of different masses of the same substance the same?

10. Know the meaning of thermohaline circulation. Be able to explain differences in salinity and temperature in different regions of the world's oceans. Idenitfy areas of rising and sinking waters.(poles, equator, near river mouths, Mediterranean Sea)

11. Know how the Gulf Stream and the ocean conveyor belt in the Atlantic Ocean distribute warm and cold waters throughout the ocean. Describe how this circulation system affects climate (why London is warmer than Boston in the winter, for example).

12. Know the ocean surface currents that affect Massachusetts and New England.

Updated: February 6, 2011  

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